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GT-R modified cars for sale

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Find Your Ideal Modified Car For Sale

Our aim is to make finding modified cars for sale as easy as possible. 传统上, finding modded or tuned cars on traditional pre owned car selling websites can be a tricky task. It generally consists of you sifting through tens or even hundreds of totally stock used cars, before stumbling on to a modified one.

Here, at Modified-Autos.com we only list modified or imported cars for sale. Our search filter will help you narrow down your search based on the type of car you are looking for.

Sitting alongside our private sellers, we have a range of certified performance and imported specialist dealers. Meaning however you like to search for your next car, and whether you like to purchase from private sellers or dealers, finding your perfect modified vehicle has never been easier!

Top Tips For Finding The Correct Car

1 – Deciding whether you want a heavily modified car or a project car

When it comes to buying a used modified car, there are a so many questions to ask yourself. Are you looking for that perfect finished car, which someone has already built. Or are you more hands on and looking to put your stamp on how the project turns out. As much as all of us petrol heads love the idea of building our own car from the ground up, time and money literally throw spanners into the mix!

If you are short on time, or money then it may well be beneficial to look to purchase an already finished used car. This will allow you to have the car you dreamt of without all of the hard graft that comes with a project!

If you are like us however. And you love taking things apart just to figure out how they work, then why not look for a lightly modified or close to stock car and give it all you have!

2 – Finding your perfect car for sale

This is where we step in! We have hundreds of modified cars available to buy. And using our filter above, finding your next car couldn’t be easier. Our filter will let you tailor your search to your requirements… From fuel type, budget, and the number of doors through to the drivetrain, gearbox and car style.

We also give you preset additional search terms to narrow your search. These allow you to use more specific car mods such as turbocharged, lowered, stanced, roll cages. You’ll also be able to use our search terms for luxuries such as sat nav, 扭转相机, 和加热座椅.

Use our search radius tool to find used cars for sale in your area. mg娱乐电子网址还有一个 modified car dealer functionality here. Allowing you to search modified car specialists with hundreds of certified pre owned cars in stock.

3 – Selling Your Car

If you are looking to sell your car to make way for a new purchase then using our listing features gives you a couple of options to make selling easy!

Use our 2 minute simple car listing tool to get your car in front of thousands of buyers. Click here to visit our modified car listing page. You will be asked a couple of required questions such as the price you are after, along with some info about your car. After you have filled those few fields out you can post your advert. As simple as that.

To get the most out of your advert we would recommend uploading a few good pictures, and a nice description. But how much you include is totally up to you!

4 – Check the vehicle history

So you have seen a car you like the look of. The next step should always to check the vehicle history. This is relatively simple by using a certified HPI checker. The history report will flag any issues such as insurance write offs or MOT status.

You can also carry out your own vehicle checks when you arrange a test drive. Ensure all VIN numbers across the car match, and that the mileage aligns with the MOT records.